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Monday, April 20, 2009

postheadericon Dreamers

I'm using the beautiful work of Suzanne Woolcott. You need to purchase a license to use her work, which you can do so at Gorjuss Art.


  • Tube of Choice
  • Frame by Melissa HERE
  • Wordart by Me HERE


  • Penta - Color Dot
  • Xero - Sparkles

Let's Begin!

Open a new canvus 600x600, flood fill white.

Open the frame and copy the Grey Antique Frame. Paste onto your canvus. Now rotate the frame 90° right or left. Pick a color from your tube. I went with #b086aa. Go to Adjust-Hue/Saturation-Colorize change the Hue to hue as your color and the Saturation as the same as the saturation of your color. Hit Ok.(To find these right click on your color in your palette before your colorize)

Select your magic wand tool and click inside your frame. Selections-Modify-Expand by 5. Layers-New raster Layer flood fill selections with black. Keep Selected. Effects-PlugIns-Xero-Sparkles. Add these settings

Hit Ok. You can add clouds with a brush if you'd like but make sure you keep selected, if not the Select None. Add a drop shadow to the frame.

Open your tube. Copy and paste to your canvus. Duplicate. Add a drop shadow to the copy tube. Move the origianl tube layer below the frame layer. Now erase any parts of the copy you don't want sticking out. You might have to erase a few parts of the origianl one also. Just erase up to the frame on this layer.

Hide the white background and merge visible the other layers. Unhide the white background. Duplicate the merged layer. On the original add a blur, Adjust-Blur-Gussian Blur-Radius 10. Now duplicate this layer. Rotate one 10° left and the other 10° right. Hide the white background and the unblurred merged layer. Merge Visible the two blurred layers. Unhide everything.

Highlight the Blurred merged layer. Go to Effects-PlugIns-Penta-Color Dot and apply these settings:

Hit ok.

Copy and Paste my wordart where you like or you're own. Add a drop shadow. Add copyright and watermark. Choose another color from your tube and add name.

Delete white background, Merge Visible, and save.

There you go, all done!!

Thanks for trying my tut. Hope you had fun!


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