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My Templates were made by me with various, shapes, brushes, and fonts.
They are for Personal Use ONLY.
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

postheadericon Punk Rock

I'm using the awesome work of Elias Chatzoudis. You must purchase a license to use his work, which you can do at My PSP Tubes.


  • Punk Is Not Dead Scrap Kit by Caitlin HERE
  • Tube of Choice
  • Font of Choice ~ I'm using MsMadi
  • WSL Mask 84 HERE


  • MuRa's Meister ~ Copies
  • Eye Candy ~ Gradient Glow

Got everything? Good let's being.

Open a new canvus 600x600, flood fill white. Copy and Paste PIND_Button 3, resize by 30%. Go to Effects-PlugIns-MuRa's-Copies. Apply these settings

Hit Ok. Add Drop Shadow.

Copy and Paste PIND_Button&Bow1. Resize by 40%. Go back to MuRa's copies and apply these settings

Hit ok. Add drop shadow.

Select your selection tool type Circle. Here is the tricky part place your cursor where at the bottom your X and Y both say 300

Now draw out a circle to where the marching ants are going through the middle of the button&bow. Layers-New Raster Layer. Copy Paper 11 and Paste Into Selection. Move this layer below the button3 layer. Select None.

Copy and paste your tube. Duplicate tube. Move Original below the button3 layer and above the paper layer. Highlight the copy tube. Erase the bottom part of your tube that is sticking out. Same thing with the Original tube. Add a drop shadow to the original tube layer.

Copy and Paste Doodle3 resize 70%. Add drop shadow. Place this to the bottom right of the button circles. Duplicate and Mirror. Place them to where they are evenly showing. Merge Down. Duplicate and Flip. Place to where it looks even. Merge Down. Move this layer to just above the white background.

Copy and Paste Butterfly2 resize to 45%. Add drop shadow and place at the top left.

Copy and Paste Wordart1. Resize 40% add drop shadow. Place at the bottom center.

Copy and Paste Star2 resize 30% add drop shadow. Place behind the wordart at the top left. Copy and Paste Star3 resize the same and add drop shadow. Place behind the wordart at the bottom right.

Highlight the white background layer. Copy and Paste Paper2. Apply Mask. Merge Group.

Add copyright and Name. Add a white Gradient Glow to your name and drop shadow. Delete the white background. Merge Visable and save.

Now your done! Hope you had fun.

Thanks for trying my tut.


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