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Saturday, May 22, 2010

postheadericon Lost

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This tutorial was written by Paradise Designs on May 20 2010 and is based on a design of my own concept and any similarities are purely coincidental.

I'm using the lovely artwork of Unholy Vault Designs. You need a license to use her work. You can Purchase one at MPT.

Tube of Choice
Font of Choice
Scrap Kit "Lost Fairy" a collab by 3Ps Designs and Pink Princess Scraps. You can purchase it HERE.

Eye Candy - Gradient Glow

Lets get going...

Open a new canvas of 700x600, flood fill white. You can resize later.

Copy and Paste the Silver Frame (ele51). With your magic wand tool, click inside the frame. Go to Selections-Modify-Expand by 8. Add a new raster layer. Copy Paper 16. click on the new raster layer and paste into selection. Select None. Now go to Adjust-Hue/Saturation-Colorize set both to Zero(0). Move the paper layer below the frame layer. Add a drop shadow to the frame.

Copy and Paste the Window (ele83). Resize by 85 and add a drop shadow. Place in the middle of the frame. Duplicate the paper layer. Move the top paper layer above the window layer. With your freehand selection tool, go around the center of the paper like so:

Now hit delete on your keyboard. You should be able to see the window and have it look like it is behind the columns.If you need to zoom in and with your eraser tool erase some of the top paper to make it look better.

Copy and Paste the Flower Border (ele17). Resize by 80. Add a drop shadow and place to the bottom right of the frame. Duplicate and Mirror, place that one to the bottom left.

Copy and Paste the Sparkles (ele92). Place in the middle.

Copy and Paste the Moon (ele14). Resize by 45. Adjust-Hue/Saturation-Colorize set both to Zero(0) and place it to the top left. Now we are going to add a "glow" to it. Go to Effects-Plug ins-Eye Candy-Gradient Glow apply these settings:

Move the moon below the bottom paper layer. Add a drop shadow.

Copy and Paste the Lantern (ele58). Resize by 45. Add a drop shadow. Place to the left of the frame.

Copy and Paste the Bird (ele35). Resize by 40 and mirror. Add a drop shadow and place to the top left.

Copy and Paste your Tube. Resize if needed. Place to the right. Go to Adjust-Hue/Saturation-Colorize set both to Zero(0). Add a drop shadow.

Now you can resize before adding your name and copyright.

Once happy with the size, add your copyright and Name. Delete the white background. Merge Visible and save to your computer.

and You're done!!

Thanks for trying my tutorial! Hope you had fun.


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