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My Templates were made by me with various, shapes, brushes, and fonts.
They are for Personal Use ONLY.
Do NOT share in groups/forums etc. have them come to my blog to download them for themselves.
You can use my templates for tutorials as long as you credit me and link back to my blog. You CANNOT supply them for your tutorials either.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

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I am sad to say that DVP has closed. I am in the processes of getting my tuts up on a new site. Until then all new tuts will be posted here on my blog. As for the other ones..I'm sorry I will get those back up as soon as I can.

Friday, June 11, 2010

postheadericon Time Keeper

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This tutorial was written by Paradise Designs on June 11 2010 and is based on a design of my own concept and any similarities are purely coincidental.

I'm using the amazing artwork of Susan McKivergan. You need a license to use her work. Due to unfortunate circumstances AMI has been closed. I will update when Susan decides to sell somewhere else.

If you are using the same tube you must abide buy AMI's TOU and use your AMI license with Susan's tubes.

Tube of Choice
Font(s) of Choice
Scrap Kit "Darker Side of Heaven" by Vicki. You can purchase it HERE.
My Template HERE.

You may not use these supplies for any other tutorials without permission. Please do not add any of these items to kits or grab bags.

Let's Begin...

Open my template and press shift+D, to duplicate. Delete the original template.

Go to Selections-Select All-Float-Defloat. Copy and Paste the checkered floor (ele11). Move to the middle bottom. Now copy and Paste Paper 5. Invert selection and hit delete on your keyboard.GO up to the floor layer and hit delete on your keyboard again. Select None. On the floor layer add a drop shadow of -2, 0, 50, 5. Merge these two layers together and delete the black template. Add a drop shadow to the merged layer.

Copy and Paste the Frame (ele51). Resize by 70 and rotate 90 right. With your magic wand tool, click inside the frame. Go to Selections-Modify-Expand by 8. Copy and Paste Paper 4. Invert Selection and hit delete on your keyboard. Invert selection back. Now copy and Paste the Moon (ele13). Resize by 50. Place in the upper right hand corner of the frame. Invert Selection and hit delete on your keyboard. Keep Selected. Duplicate. On the bottom moon go to Adjust-Blur-Gaussian Blur of 11. Copy and Paste the Sparkles (ele37). Resize by 50. Place in the middle of the frame, however you want it. More stars of less its up to you. Once happy hit delete on your keyboard. Select None. Add a drop shadow to the frame. Now merge the frame, moons, sparkles, and paper together. Make sure you have them in that order. Place the frame to the top right of the background.

Copy and Paste the Clock (ele42). Resize by 80. Add a drop shadow. Place to the left of the frame.

Copy and Paste the Stairs (ele44). Resize by 70. Add a drop shadow. Place to the left behind the clock.

Copy and Paste the Cloud (ele8). Resize by 80 and add a drop shadow. Place to the right of the clock but you want a little of it to cover the clock face.

Copy and Paste the the Pillar (ele21). Resize by 70 and a drop shadow. Place to the right bottom of the frame. Duplicate. Resize the dup by 80. Place to behind the stairs to the left. Making it look like its in the background. I decorated the front pillar with the vine (ele40) and the red rose (ele3) but you can decorate it with what you want.

Copy and Paste your tube. Resize if needed. Place in the middle. Add a drop shadow. If you are using the same tube as I did you need to move it behind the front pillar and duplicate. Place the duplicate behind the stairs layer. Erase some of the left bottom that covers the stairs on the top tube. Then copy and Paste the Candle Opera (ele48). Resize by 50 and add a drop shadow. Place in the middle of the top tube so it looks like its sitting on the bedding. If you are using a different tube you can omit the candles or place them where you like.

Resize your tag before adding your name and copyright.

Once happy with the size of your tag. Add your name and copyright. Merge Visible, and save as a PNG.

And you're done!

Thanks for trying my tutorial.

The one below is used with Zindy S.D. Nielson artwork, which a license is needed to use her work. You can get one on her site Zindy-Zone

Click on Image to view larger
Monday, June 7, 2010

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

postheadericon Template 36

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